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Lake Aero Styling and Repair (LASAR) manufactures modification kits that enhance the performance and functionality of Mooney airplanes. LASAR kits are described below. If you want to buy parts, complete our parts order form.




Speed Increase

Parts Hardware

Labor Hours

100Flap Gap Seals (M20B-M20G)2.5 mph$325.00 12
101Aileron Lower Gap Seals (M20B-M20K)1.0 mph$180.00 2
102Flap Hinge Covers (M20B-M20J)1.0 mph$1,115.00 5
102AFlap Hinge Covers-Inboard Only (2 Fairings)0.5 mph$335.00 4
103AWheel Well Liner (M20B - M20K)1.0 mph$190.00 4
103BBrake Wheel Cylinder Rotation (M20B - M20K)1.0 mph$45.00 4
104Dorsal Fin Vertical Seal (M20B - M20G)2.0 mph$490.00 4
105Tail Root Horizontal Fairing (M20B - M20J)2.0 mph$250.00 5
107Wing Tip Fairings (M20B - M20J) 107FG (M20F & M20G1.0 mph$3,490.00 6
107AWing Tip Fairings With Nav. Antennas (M20B - M20J)2.0 mph$3,690.00 10
108Wing Root Leading Edge Fairing (M20B - M20J)1.5 mph$540.00 8
111Inboard Flap Fillet Fairing.5$240.00 8
112Rudder & Elevator Hinge Covers (M20A - M20K)2.0 mph$220.00 3
119201 Windshield Retrofit (M20C - M20G)3.0 mph$2,595.00 50
120One Piece Windshield (PRE 1967) (M20 - M20F)0$590.00 15
122AOversize Bushing- Nose Gear pivot -NEW Alum. Bronz0$190.00 2
122BSteering Horn Upgrade Assembly0$850.00 3
126Oil Cooler Relocation (M20E - M20F) (1967 & up )1.0 mph$550.00 10
127200 HP Conversion M20C-M20D-M20G-M20E&F (STC only)4.0 mph$750.00 80
129ASmooth Belly (M20F, G, J & K)6.0 mph*$5,850.00 70
129BSmooth Belly (M20C & M20E)3.0 mph$2,350.00 35
131Cowl Enclosure Fairing (M20A - M20G)5.0 mph$490.00 5
146LASAR WISER VISORS (Pair) out of stock0$350.00 1
148Steering Horn Assembly (M20C - M20S)0$1,075.00 3
149Wheel Covers Polished Stainless Steel0$150.00 1
152Latch Casting Socket0$390.00 2
GSEGear Torque Tools--Not a Mod.0$290.00 0

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