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Welcome to Lake Aero Styling and Repair, home of LASAR speedmods.

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Used Parts

Our goal.... is to keep those Mooneys Flying!

The most common need for replacement parts comes from a gear up landing or a gear collapse. The nose gear and steering assembly is the most common high wear items in need of replacement parts.

Certainly there are parts here you will need that may not be currently available from the factory. You may not have considered LASAR as a source, but give us a call. We bet you'll be surprised at our low prices too.

We provide expert repair and reconditioning of welded steel parts.

Call us for any of your parts needs. We have maintained a current inventory of more than $300,000, and a friendly staff to serve you. We can ship anyway you like. We have a FAA approved welding spec., weld jigs and qualified welders and machinist to maintain factory new tolerances. Parts are properly re-heat treated, cleaned, painted and yellow tagged and all applicable bulletins & A.D.'s are complied with.

Don't throw any old or broken parts away - throw them our way! Send us your broken or worn out parts, and we'll restore them for you.


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